Rotman Commerce Marketing Conference

November 17, 2017

Gladstone Hotel, 8:30am

On November 17th, the RCMA is proud to present the Rotman Commerce Marketing Conference, providing students with an unparalleled opportunity to learn about cutting-edge trends in marketing, and build their creative skills.

With opportunities to participate in workshops, talk hours, a case competition and a live simulation, there’s no shortage of ways to show off your creativity and problem solving

Meet some of the best aspiring marketers in Ontario from Rotman Commerce and beyond.

Gain exposure to 20+ corporate sponsors from some of the most innovative marketing-led organizations in Canada

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More than just a conference, RCMC represents an amazing opportunity to hear from marketers at the forefront of industry trends

You are not the hero we need...

but the hero we deserve. Sign up for this adventure with your two other friends on the Rotman Portal today!

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Gladstone Hotel, Toronto