What is RCMAHub?

RCMAHub is our community-based social initiative for rotman students that are looking to have some fun outside the classroom this school year ! This year’s program will feature 4 events. The goal of this program is to better connect you with your peers in exciting experiences across Toronto. Additionally, we aim to better connect you with the Marketing community outside of Rotman Commerce, so you can become a more dynamic, engaged marketer. We welcome all students to attend our RCMAHub events, they will be a great opportunity to hang out with your friends, meet upper years, discover Toronto, and learn more about the local Marketing industry.

Scavenger Hunt

We want to start the year in an exciting and energetic way by presenting our very first event : a campus wide scavenger hunt ! Run around campus with your team, complete challenges for your next clues, solve and execute the activities to win the hunt! It’s a chance to get to know our campus a little better, work out your brain muscles, build that essential team dynamic with your friends… and make new ones ! Drinks and snacks will be available ! Our winners will also win some fabulous prices!


Our second Hub event will give you the chance to show off those bowling skills…because we’re going bowling ! Come out and show us how you take those pins down! RCMA will be renting out bowling lanes in a downtown bowling club where snacks will be provided. Socialize with the RCMA team and make some new friends!


We want to start the new year with some warm memories..and some warm cocoa while we’re at it. Let’s just do all of that on ice ! Join us at Toronto’s Harbour front as RCMA takes you skating ! The evening will feature a live DJ, coffee bar, and of course amazing company. We would love to start the new year with some good laughs!

Indoor Obstacle Course

Test your speed and endurance at Toronto’s well renowed indoor obstacle course, Pursuit OCR. Have fun crawling through and over obstacles or compete to see who can climb those ropes the fastest ! Let’s not forget the giant ball pit. Yes, we are still allowed to be in those. This facility welcomes everyone of all fitness levels. Don’t be afraid to work up a sweat outside the classroom.