Designed to develop the next
generation of marketing leaders at
Rotman Commerce.






To start, you will be introduced to the vast world of marketing, helping you to understand what it means to be a marketer, and which areas
appeal most to you. In this phase, you will have the opportunity to become apart of our community at Rotman Commerce, to help you
establish meaningful social, and professional relationships.

In this phase, you will develop key skills to succeed as a young professional, building your personal brand and professional presence. You
will learn how to master the art of networking, connect with corporate professionals, and more!



With coaching, support, and mentorship, experience marketing first-hand across RCMA’s portfolios: Events, Corporate Relations, Marketing,
and Finance. In this phase, you will partner with a Portfolio Member to collaborate on a project that will add value to our student
community, and professional experience to your résumé!

We will help you to expand your marketing expertise further through group case studies based on real-world challenges that brands are
facing today. You will continue to have exposure to leaders in the organization and professionals in the industry through participation in
RCMA events.



Through presentations, workshops, and a case challenge, this phase will help you to become a marketing leader. You will present your
learnings and share your experience with your peers. Our workshops will teach you how to manage marketing projects to deliver growth for
brands and their products/services. Then, you will be able to apply your expertise in the JMDP Case Challenge.

With a partner, you will craft a recommendation to solve a business challenge based on a case from one of the world’s biggest brands. You
will receive coaching and mentorship from RCMA leaders to help you succeed along the way. To conclude the program, you will be invited
to interview for a Portfolio Member role for the following year, pending your interest.

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Past Junior Marketer Testimonials




Hello (is it me that you’re looking for), Grace here. One of the first things I noticed as a JM was that you feel like a part of the team immediately. Besides letting us in on the planning and execution of RCMA events, our JM manager Liza (shoutout!) organized meetings to polish our resumes, advance our case competition skills, or just to impart wisdom on first year. I finished the program with a first-hand look on the effort that goes into a student group event, a better idea of marketing, and a sense of personal and professional growth. I will be returning to RCMA as a member of the Events team, and I do hope to see you at our events! Last year around this time I was like you right now, scrolling through these testimonials, wondering whether this program was right for me. I wish you all the best in finding out.



Hello! My name is Nikita Khurana and I am a second year student specializing in Management. I chose the RCMA to gain more knowledge and get more exposure in the marketing field and they gave me that and so much more. The association helped me in many ways, from the basics like fixing my cover letters, to how to tackle case competitions but my favourite part was the environment that was created where everyone is brainstorming ideas and just thinking out loud, not being afraid of going completely crazy with their thoughts. The RCMA treated me as family from day one and has been a constant support throughout the year and has, most of all, inspired me to be as creative as them.



Hey there! My name is Yasmin and I enjoy good music, great fashion and every aspect of marketing. I was a junior marketer this past year and it was one of the greatest experiences I ever had. I chose to join the RCMA because of the positive energy the group gave off when I first met them all, and I was proven correct. Every member on the RCMA is supportive and made my realize my strengths and weaknesses as an individual and team player. My favourite experience was when we were asked to create our own marketing plan on how to get students involved in the Rotman community. It made me realize lots of great things about the RCMA, the Rotman community and myself! I will be on the Events portfolio this year, feel free to give me a shout!



Hey! My name is Natasha. I love to sing and play soccer. I chose to get involved with the RCMA last year to learn more about the Marketing industry, and to become part of an amazing, fun, close-knit group of people. My favourite part of the Junior Marketer Program was a group case project, where we presented out-of-the box marketing solutions for different brands and products. This year, I am on the Corporate Relations portfolio helping out with recruiting speakers and sponsors for our events. To all first years interested in the Junior Marketer program, I can assure you that it’s a great learning experience, and it’s also a lot of fun!



Hi, my name is Stephen and I was a Junior Marketer with the RCMA last year. I chose the RCMA because of the great people and the amazing sense of community that the organization is built on. In my spare time I enjoy all aspects of E-sports as well as collecting sneakers. As a Junior Marketer last year, my favourite experience would have to be our winter social. Everyone had a “secret santa” and we had to guess who bought each gift; it was hilarious! Being a Junior Marketer taught me everything I need to know about marketing and life at U of T. I’ll be the Engagement Coordinator for the RCMA this year, which means you’ll be seeing a lot of me. Don’t be afraid to say hi!



Hey my name is Steven and I like good food, video games and chilling at home with a good book. I joined the RCMA last year because I loved the vibe I got from the team. There was a strong sense of community. They weren’t just a student organization, they were all great friends who shared a common passion for marketing and I wanted to be a part of that. My favourite RCMA moment as a JM was the various case competitions we did to hone our marketing skills. Doing marketing cases was the first experience I had with marketing outside the classroom and it helped cement my passion so I definitely recommend trying it! This year, I’m back with the RCMA in the Corporate Relations Portfolio so I hope to see you as a JM!



What is the RCMA looking for in a candidate for this program?
For more information about application requirements please review the job description on RC Portal. In general, we are looking for students that have a genuine interest in the program, an interest or passion for marketing, who are eager to learn and have past experience leading projects or people. You are not expected to have any professional experience to be considered.


What does the commitment look like per week?
On average, you can expect to dedicate a maximum of 4 hours a week to the Junior Marketer Development Program. We will meet as a group weekly (6 JMs + JMDP Manager). Additionally, we will occasionally attend RCMA events and socials. The total duration of the program is about 20 weeks during the school year.


If I am not interested in a career in marketing, should I still consider this program?
Absolutely! We have designed this program to develop you as a business manager, to build skill sets that you will use in nearly any career in business, like networking and motivating people. Marketing by nature is a very broad industry that touches many areas of business like finance and research & development, and more.