The Rotman Commerce Marketing Association holds various events throughout the year, all specifically designed to bring out the best in you, the student. We are constantly innovating events to ensure that you are exposed to nothing but the best. Every event has a specific purpose, targeting the development of your skills, your network, or challenging you to think big. By staying in constant contact with the student body, the RCMA is able to adapt its events to fit your wants and needs, ultimately maximizing your value at every event and allowing you to unlock your full potential.

First Look

rotmans den

Learn more about the RCMA team, what studying marketing involves here at RC, and how you can get a head start on exploring a career in marketing.

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On November 17th, the RCMA is proud to present the Rotman Commerce Marketing Conference, providing students with an unparalleled opportunity to learn about cutting-edge trends in marketing, and build their creative skills.

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Agencies After Dark

brewing connections

This event is an opportunity for students to connect with industry professionals and actually have a meaningful conversation in an intimate setting that will be conducive to creating a relaxing environment. Targeted more at recruiting and expanding networks; this is not an event to gain technical knowledge or skills. The focus is to connect students with professionals in order to expand their contact base and hopefully provide them with career connections, assisting with their recruitment. Ideally, this event will have a 4:1 student to corporate professional ratio.

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Creative Collaboration Challenge

creative collaboration challenge

This event is a case competition for first and second years where students are able to receive guidance from experienced upper year students to work through and solve a marketing problem. This will give students an opportunity to network, increase marketing skills, and exercise teamwork while possibly giving representatives fresh, new ideas that they can take back to their company. Students will also be able to see thought processes used when tackling a marketing case. This event aims to inspire innovative approaches and creative solutions, as well as provide students with a taste of what marketing really is outside of the classroom.

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Marketing Madness

marketing madness

Things get real…

More than just a case competition, Marketing Madness is the next step in preparing students for the world outside of school. Taking a hyper-realistic approach, teams will be given real products to market, facing off head to head through an 8 team bracket. There can only be one winner – are you in?

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