RCMA Alumni Lookbook

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Welcome to the RCMA Alumni Lookbook. All of the people below were once members of the RCMA and are ready to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to ask about their experiences at Rotman or what they plan to do in the future.


Ervin is a Category Development Manager at Procter & Gamble, responsible for consulting with strategic retail partners to grow market share in the Fabric business. In 2011, he moved to Canada from Malaysia for a university education and graduated from Rotman Commerce as a Management Specialist. Ervin enjoys the challenges of being in a new environment and believes in the lifelong process of personal development. He was involved in RCMA every year at school where he led the organization as the President and pioneered the Junior Marketer Program that helps develop first-years into student leaders in marketing.

If you wish to contact Ervin with any questions, feel free to send an E-Mail at ervin.cheah@gmail.com.

There are really three things to know about me:
1) I sell cheese for a living. How might this be relevant to you? Through my job as on the brand marketing team of Kraft Foods, I use data analytics to tell stories that influence people to buy our products. This is a skill that is at the core of many marketing organizations, and I am more than happy to share my experiences working in such a role with you, if you see yourself in marketing.
2) I like telling stories. A lot. When I was younger, I wanted to write “creative non-fiction” that did a poor job of masking the identities of all my friends and family, and when I was even younger than that, storytelling to me was just flat-out making things up and fibbing to impress people. Today, I like to think I use my power for good, not evil. I am starting a blog on social issues that hopefully acts as a think tank for important conversations our generation should be having as we decide our stance on important social and political issues.
3) I care very deeply about RCMA. I was in the organization all 4 years of my undergrad. Fact: I would have zero friends through university if I hadn’t joined RCMA. Today, I have as many as three friends. This is a success story if you’ve ever heard one.

If you wish to contact Samantha with any questions, feel free to send an E-Mail at samantha.satish@mail.utoronto.ca.

Jeff graduated from Rotman Commerce in 2015. He is currently working as a Senior Analyst at Loblaw Digital – Loblaw’s eCommerce arm which oversees three different online businesses across grocery, apparel, and prestige beauty. Prior to his role at Loblaw Digital, Jeff interned at Deloitte within their strategy consulting practice called Monitor Deloitte. In his spare time, Jeff likes watching food shows and playing the drums.

If you wish to contact Jeffrey with any questions, feel free to send an E-Mail at jeff.kolenc@mail.utoronto.ca.

My name is Irene, recently graduated from Rotman in 2015, I specialised in Management with concentration in Marketing. Being a cosmetics and fragrance enthusiast, I’m currently completing a MBA program in Luxury Brand Management at IFA Paris. Travelling to campuses in Shanghai, Paris, and Bangkok, I’ve had the opportunity to gain insights on the luxury industry and learn from people around the world. Until March 2017, I’ll be abroad continuing my adventure. RCMA has been a big part of my undergrad career, I look forward to sharing my experiences thus far with those who are interested in an alternative path!

If you wish to contact Irene with any questions, feel free to send an E-Mail at irene.cheung@ifaparis.com.