Featured Marketer: Cindy Zhou

Author: Janice Cha


1. Why did you decide to pursue marketing?

In high school, I was a huge YouTube fanatic. I loved watching consumer-generated content and was intrigued by how big companies were making their way onto this relatively new social platform. When I got my first longboard for my 16th birthday, I actually started filming and editing my own videos to post onto YouTube. I think it was through my first content production and distribution experiences that I knew I wanted to pursue marketing.

2. We also know that another big passion of yours is sports. What makes you passionate about sports?

I could honestly write a whole essay about why sports are absolutely amazing but at the deepest level, I’m passionate about sports because they are communities that I get to help build, foster, and be a part of. Whether it’s running skateboarding events, going to watch a professional sports match, or simply playing an intramural basketball game, sports allows me to connect with people from all walks of life and learn about their lives as well as learn about myself and my own physical and mental abilities.

3. What is something you are really proud of that you have done in the past?

I’m really proud of all the longboarding media I’ve been able to help produce over the last 3 years. From product release videos, to general ambassador videos, skate photos, event blog recaps, and even full-length documentaries, I think I’ve put out a wide range of media that’s inspired people to start longboarding themselves. I couldn’t ask for anything better than that!

4. We heard that you interned at Adidas last summer. What was your typical day like? What was your favourite part about it?

I guess the closest thing to a typical day at adidas would include getting in around anywhere between 7-9 A.M depending on if there were conference calls with teams in Germany or Hong Kong. From there, it was really up to me to manage my time and complete my various summer projects. The cool thing about working at adidas was that I could take a break at anytime and go shoot some hoops, watch the FIFA world cup or skateboard on their mini ramp. As long as I got my work done on time and did the work well, there was a lot of flexibility.

My favourite part about the internship had to be the people. My manager, teammates, and fellow interns were some of the most amazing and inspiring people that I’ve ever met. They were all so full of life and passionate about what they specialized in. To see that passion is really rare and I feel blessed to have been a part of that kind of environment.

5. Do you have any tips you would give to students who want to break into the sports industry?

Find any opportunity that shows you’re passionate about sports and ones that translate well onto your resume. I’d also suggest keeping up to date with industry news and educating yourself on sports businesses operations. There are so many positions out there and it’s up to you to figure out what your best fit is.

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